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What Took You? House Song
Eternity Dubstep Loop
Happy Loop - Semi Rapbeat Dance Song

2011 Submissions

_-The Rain-_ WIP Techno Loop
ATG- Dubstep WIP Dubstep Loop
ATG - Magi Nation Boss Theme Classical Song
ATG - One Winged Angel Piano Classical Song
Atg - Super Mario Epic (wip) Miscellaneous Song
ATG - Trance WIP Trance Song
ATG - Numa Numa Miscellaneous Song
ATG - Dre Miscellaneous Song
ATG - Pirates Miscellaneous Song
Daxter - Passion/Sanctuary Miscellaneous Song
Daxter - Tik Tok Piano Miscellaneous Song
Daxter - What is Love Miscellaneous Song
Daxter - Brain Stew Miscellaneous Song
Legend of Zelda Piano Classical Song
Chocolate Rain rmk Classical Song
1 and 1 Miscellaneous Song
Hammer Bros Classical Song
Have a Good One Miscellaneous Song
Daxter de Chocobo Miscellaneous Song
Rap Beat (WIP) Hip Hop - Modern Loop
FF7 - Airship (New) Miscellaneous Song
Rap Beat? (WIP) Hip Hop - Modern Loop
The Fable Miscellaneous Song
Going For It Techno Song
Crash Warped! Jazz Song
Tension Rising Classical Song
FF7 - Chase! Miscellaneous Song
Gonna Make You Sweat Dance Song
Shopping (Magi Nation) Miscellaneous Song
Jenova Absolute Miscellaneous Song
Daxter - FF7 Boss Them Piano Classical Song
Daxter - Drum Jammin (Metal) Heavy Metal Loop
Daxter - Drum Jammin (Rock) General Rock Loop
Daxter - Pinch Me General Rock Song
Daxter - River Below General Rock Song
Daxter - Notion Miscellaneous Song
Daxter - Tryin To Rock it WIP Heavy Metal Loop
Daxter - Super Mario Theme Miscellaneous Loop
Daxter - Super Mario loop 1 Miscellaneous Loop
Daxter - Sweet Child of Mine Techno Song
Daxter - Swing Swing Techno Song
Daxter - Cosmo Canyon Miscellaneous Song
Daxter - Cannon in D Classical Song
Daxter - The Ballad of Chasey General Rock Song
Daxter - Gives you hell Techno Song
Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo General Rock Song
Daxter - Bombing Reactor Techno Song
Daxter - The Great Warrior Techno Song
Daxter - Legend of Zelda Techno Song
Daxter - Tik Tok Techno Song
Daxter - I Got a Feelin Pop Song
Daxter - Fireflies Techno Song
Daxter - One Week Miscellaneous Song
Daxter - FF7 Normal Battle Miscellaneous Loop
Daxter - Superstitions Funk Song
Daxter - BYOB General Rock Song
FF7 Keep on Fighting Redone General Rock Song
Victory Fanfare FF7 Miscellaneous Song
Daxter - American Idiot Techno Song
My video Game Loop Techno Loop
Arpeggios (rough) Trance Song
Daxter - Lean On Me Classical Song