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New Tik Tok remake

2010-08-19 12:17:59 by Daxter1537

i dide a remake of tik tok on the piano, i like it and i hope everyone else who listens to it does too :D

Click the Link below to hear the awesomeness : /356598

2 new songs

2010-08-09 18:38:59 by Daxter1537

I have finished making two new Piano songs, Check them out /354292 Legend of Zelda piano

AND /353801 Chocolate Rain piano (with drums)

be sure to check my other stuff :D

Maybe Starting some rap

2010-07-30 21:08:12 by Daxter1537

Well im thinking of making some rap songs, if anybody has any ideas for me, or (just spitballin here) wants to make a rap song with me that would be great :D

Gettin up there

2010-07-26 12:49:59 by Daxter1537

Ive got more songs up and they seem to be doin good, and to the people that reviewed, thanx the criticism and the good comments really helped me continue with making music. i dont know how much longer ill be making tunes though, it could be for a few more years to a few more weeks. I guess we'll just wait and see :D


2010-07-14 12:03:39 by Daxter1537

21 songs out! my Fireflies remix seems to be doing really well, i thank everyone who voted/downloaded it for their support! :D

looking for sumthin to do

2010-05-15 14:51:48 by Daxter1537

im looking for somethin to do..if anyone wants someone who can voiceact for a flash vid or if they want to make songs for the audio portal, just ask (for flash vids i only say voiceact cuz im not the best artist when it comes to drawing)